Vincent Fournier - Space Project

Whilst cruising around Tokyo throughout November we took an unplanned visit to the Mori Art Museum and discovered the exhibition entitled "The Universe and Art". The exhibition as a whole was a broad spectrum of space related works, in particular Vincent Fournier's works really stood out. More from the exhibition soon, for now have a browse of Vincent's Space Project below. 

Vincent was born in Ougadougou in Burkina Faso in 1970 and is now based in Paris. He began his career as a commercial photographer doing advertising photography for “banks and insurance companies and that kind of thing” until he decided to concentrate on his art work some five years ago. 

After taking some photographs of an observatory in Hawaii, I liked the combination there of very futuristic architecture lost in wild space. This started me thinking about space exploration. So I then went on to photograph observatories around the world as well as training centres and space launch facilities.