Naoshima: from the outside

If you ever find yourself in the wonderful country of Japan, then Naoshima is a magical place not to be missed. Originally a fishing village the island has been transformed with beautiful modernist Architecture, designed to peacefully incorporate the works. Just wandering the island itself is a lovely thing, lusciously green and views all around of the Seto Inland Sea. You can't quite sum this place up as it truly gives you the perfect, peaceful and inspiring day out. See our photos of Naoshima from the outside. More to follow as we discover the museums later this month. 

Make it Happen...

Naoshima sits in the Seto Inland Sea just a short ferry ride from Uno Port. You can stay in Uno, or on the island itself. For a smaller budget we recommend Uno Port Inn, to fully experience the island and its stunning architecture you need Benesse House.  Uno is a 30 minute train ride from Okayama.