Andreea Dobrin’s cheerful illustrations adopt a colourful outlook on life

Hamburg-based illustrator and designer Andreea Dobrin works under the moniker Summerkid Studio and her cheerful work reflects the sunny, happy-go-lucky disposition her practice suggests. It was Andreea’s illustrations that caught our eye, containing a plethora of vibrant hues that embody the warmer months.

Her chunky characters take over each image, which depict everyday life by focusing on the more surreal moments. In one illustration we see one character hanging up the other to literally dry among pants and socks, and in another a woman looks forlornly at her fish escaping their bowl.

The joy in Andreea’s work is through her compositions and the subtle details she includes in each image. These nuances and the gestures she conveys through her figures, keep her naive colour palette interesting and it’s the more abstract elements to her work that really make it. Check it out at