A Guide to Houseplants

Plants have become somewhat of a hipster accreditation status in recent years. We thought we'd pull together some basic steps to make sure you don't become a plant serial killer. 


In general, the best place for houseplants is a bright window that gets direct sun only part of the day. Houseplants like light, but most don’t necessarily like to bake in the sunshine.


During the day it's best to keep the room between 18° and 23° Celsius. Night temperatures can decrease by a few °C, however most houseplants in fact begin to suffer at temperatures under 13°C.


House plants really vary with their need for water, ideally you'll have a good bit of knowledge from your retailer. Alternatively you should once a week visit your plants with a watering can, stick an index finger about half an inch into the soil, if it feels dry then water, if its moist then all is well! In winter you'll probably be able to get away with a water every 10-12 days. 




Houseplants like humidity, particularly in winter when the sir indoors is dry. There are a few tips for increasing the humidity for your plants.

  • group your plants together
  • place plants on a pebble tray 
  • use a humidifier
  • lightly mist the plants with water

In winter, grouping them together in a humid bathroom or kitchen will keep them happy until spring when they can return to their usual location. 


It's important to keep up a good big of housekeeping with your plants. This includes rotating them, removing dead leaves, and removing dust. 

All pictures, courtesy of the crew at Haarkon