Take a Break: an Italian villa with alpine views in South Tyrol

Perched on the hills of a secluded alpine village in South Tyrol, the rose-hued Villa Kaltern Piccola blends Italian influence with contemporary design.

Villa Kaltern Piccola is one of a pair of Italian holiday homes designed by architect Walter Angonese and artist Manfred Alois Mayrin in the former grounds of a Kaltern palazzo.  The duo have put a modern spin on the historic architecture that surrounds the two-bedroom home, blurring old influences with new.

Rising through the property is a sculptural staircase, and oversized skylights drench the Italian holiday villa’s interiors in light. Furniture is Italian, with many pieces created bespoke by local craftsmen, and flashes of colour run throughout, contrasting concrete and wood details.

The pink-walled villa – available to rent with Welcome Beyond from €310 per night – also features a traditional Mediterranean garden complete with herbs, olive and cypress trees, offering plenty of room for soaking up the sun. The surrounding countryside has no shortage of walks, but for guests that prefer to relax at home there’s also a hot tub, tucked into the corner of the terrace, and a sauna.

Villa Kaltern Piccola’s steep pitched roof covers a spacious upper terrace, and full length windows frame a view across the mountains. The lower floor bedroom opens directly onto the garden, while a master bedroom on the top floor of the villa has its own patio.