This week we had the unique pleasure of heading to a small village of Crocq in Creuse, France. The reason for the trip was to meet with the craftsmen from French manufacturer Maison Chapal. 


Since 1832 Chapal have been set up as a tannery and manufacturer of leather accessories and garments. The Tannery based in Lagny-sur-Marne on the outskirts of Paris which employs around 50 people. The factory we visited in Crocq has around 15 employees crafting around 3000 leather good year round. They also maintain a showroom on the world famous Rue de Rivoli, Paris. 


The brand has a rich history in supplying military and aviation uniforms. A family run company Chapal is full process manufacturing their products, no middle men or outsourcing. A true full concept manufacturer - Check out the gallery to see a glimpse inside the historic manufacturer.