So we're nearly there. Years of dreaming and thinking and we've nearly got our first products ready. 


We're currently at the stage where final patterns are being drafted, final samples tested and bulk materials are being sourced to go into production. We have a lovely manufacturer for our first pieces based in London. A small manufacturing unit which back in the 80's and 90's used to manufacture suits for John Lewis and other high street brands. They're a great company who have managed to keep English clothes manufacturing alive during the far east rush. 

Our first ever product to be finished will be our Fundamentals Basics T shirt. We've always found t-shirts the most difficult thing because we want to develop it to be long lasting, maintain fit and to not shrink out of shape. It's still a work in progress but we think we've cracked it. We have a lovely organic 100% cotton jersey which will be used. It has a slight shrinkage but to conquer this we've taken it into account and once you've washed the t shirt it will be fine for the rest of it's life.