We've always felt that the way people are buying clothes is not right. Too many fads, too many shrinking clothes, too much wastage, the list is endless. We decided after working around products for several years that we would get to the root of a good product and make it accessible and affordable. Retail has got to the point that economically is just not fair, so we've decided to disrupt that and bring you the best essential products for your everyday living. 




To be totally honest our mission is still in the making. We're setting off on the right track but as we grow and build our company we want to keep developing ourselves with wholesome intentions. For now, we have our ECE missions below. One step at a time. 

We're here with a grand mission to change the way people shop. We believe in producing products that are honest, ethical and reliable. This mission is a long one and we are tackling it head on. We endeavour to build a community of like minded consumers, who lead lives which encompass a healthy balanced lifestyle which is considerate and fair and this we fully encourage. We are retailing directly to our customers, this way our mission never gets ignored. This also enables us to sell things at the right price, nothing more. 

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